down with this sort of thing! (seriously)

anyone who has had a close encounter with an owl in the wild would have to be made of stone not to be moved by the beauty and majesty of these magnificent birds. avid birders know that coming across an owl is a special moment. owls are notoriously shy, solitary, generally nocturnal, vulnerable and sensitive to disturbance (particularly to noise due to their incredible hearing capabilities).


so when team sausage read that some buffoons are planning to open a pop-up cocktail bar in london with owls on site, we find ourselves utterly dismayed. how is using captive animals for trivial faddish entertainment and naked profiteering still a thing in this country, in this day and age? how can unethical businessmen make barefaced poppycock “conservation” and “charity” claims that justifies drunken, entitled, spoiled, monied idiots pawing wild animals? perhaps worst of all, how do they have the audacity to abuse the good repute of the barn owl centre to promote their pure bullshit spun press releases?


the very idea beggars belief. as birders, animal lovers and (sort of) londoners, we will not stand for it. if you agree with us, please do head here to sign the petition calling on Westminster Council to deny this monstrous idea by completely unethical profiteers.


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