the collective noun collection

If you happen to be our regular reader, you may know that from time to time we like to throw in the occasional collective noun. Part distraction from the iffy photos and part pedantry, they have been an infrequent but recurring theme in the blog entries. As we welcome in the New Year, here’s a look at some of these increasingly fashionable collective creaturely nouns.

otmoor A spring, whisper or diving of Teal

IMG_0769a a stampede of Eider

IMG_1508 a ballet, bevy, drift, regatta, school, bank or eyrar of swans

IMG_2149 a screech or colony of gulls

IMG_2690 a conspiracy of Kestrels

IMG_3009b a descent of woodpeckers

indian leaf with owl butterflies (nhm) a flutter of butterflies

IMG_3706a a congregation or defilement of Little Egrets

IMG_3710a a fling, bind or time-step of Whimbrel

a chattering or affliction of Starlings

IMG_6215 a brace, congregation or deceit of Golden Plover

IMG_7291a a scooter of Scoters

IMG_7346a a parcel, Rockerfeller or stew of Oystercatchers

IMG_7586a a company of Gannets

IMG_7596a a bazaar of Guillemots (also: spot the Bridled one)

IMG_7758a a bind, cluster, contradiction or time-step of Turnstones

IMG_8202a a volery of Long-tailed Tits

IMG_0366a a chevron, knot, string or plump of Canada Geese

IMG_0545a a clattering or train of Jackdaws

IMG_0577a a chatter of Parakeets

IMG_1234a a party of Hornbills

IMG_1349a a whisp of Terns

IMG_1715aa bind, cluster, fling or contradiction of Greenshank

IMG_1866 a muster of Milky Storks

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