Kranji War Cemetery

Tuesday 1st October saw us pay a visit to the Kranji War Cemetery. Although this was a non-nature related trip, Kranji is very close to Sungei Buloh and this had us keeping our eyes open for any avian overspill.

Primarily however, we were both moved and impressed by the cemetery. Row after row of stark white headstones sat among immaculately kept grounds. This was a place where there are no divisions based on race, religion, nationality or even military rank. Admirals are buried next to Able Seamen; Colonels next to Privates and Air Vice-Marshals next to Pilot Officers. Men and women who lived and fought together are remembered equally, so many of them our age and younger.


Set atop a hill, it was almost silent as we wandered quietly up to the main monument. With the shiny parts of Singapore still very much visible from here, it still felt almost a world away from the tall buildings, construction, traffic and human hustle.


It should come as no surprise therefore that nature has also found a home here among the peace and calm of years gone by. As we reflect on the sacrifices made in times of man-made destruction and turmoil, the natural world continues despite our wilful attempts to destroy so much of it.

IMG_4293 Spotted atop some of the headstones were Changeable Lizards, almost frozen still as they basked in the sun, others stalking crickets for dinner. A Peaceful Dove, appropriately here.


IMG_4287And Olive-backed Sunbirds a-plenty.




On the horizon, possibly over Sungei Buloh, three White-bellied Sea Eagles glided and faded into the distance while noisy Collared Kingfishers chattered among the surrounding trees.


Whatever one may think of war, the Kranji Memorial holds profound historical gravitas. The grounds are a fitting tribute for the things we should not forget and the lessons we need to keep remembering.


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