IMG_0027If for some reason you have stumbled across this blog, welcome!

Yes, it’s yet another blog about birds and birding but, as the sub-title suggests, one put together by a couple of eager, enthusiastic but definitely amateur birders.

Based for now in West London and Aberdeen, we’ve finally decided to share our sightings and experiences in a ham-fisted and pretty random style.

With the arrival of a Canon SX50, we are now able to offer some proof to our wild tales of derring do and hours of creeping around various locations trying to figure out what we are looking at.

We start with:
Lake Farm, Dawley Road, Hayes, West London
Around 60 acres in size, Lake Farm is an urban country park in the West London suburb of Hayes,near Heathrow Airport.

My visit over the Easter weekend (29 & 30 March 2013) was my first opportunity to experiment with my camera and the frustration and challenge of bird photography became all too apparent.
With spring still overdue there wasn’t a great number of birds showing so I picked on some easier victims for my first “point and shoot” attempts.

I attempted some shots of the numerous Blackbirds, Blue Tits and Great Tits but they proved a little too flighty as I wrestled with focusing the camera. The Meadow Pipit and Carrion Crow proved somewhat more obliging.


Meadow Pipit

Meadow Pipit


Carrion Crow

As Lake Farm lies adjacent to the Grand Union Canal I took to the water, almost, and snapped some Moorhens and these 2 Mallards (male and female)

Female Mallard

Female Mallard


Drake Mallard

Drake Mallard


I headed home and from my balcony managed to snap this magpie in action:

Mid-air Magpie

The long Easter weekend would bring more opportunities for frustration at fidgety avian subjects. Please feel free to leave comments and questions if you feel the urge. All my pics can be viewed in glorious technicolour on my Flickr page: http://www.flickr.com/photos/94900571@N05/

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